The New England states are known to include some of the most haunted locations in the country... and Scary New England was created to share those stories with the world! This site is catered to all you crazy ghost hunters who want to know exactly where they can find a supposedly haunted site -- we not only give you the stories, but we give you exact locations and addresses as well! So pack up and get ready to visit a haunted site in your area!

Take a look at the haunted places page and search by state for some of the most intriguing stories of the paranormal you'll ever hear, submitted by various sources including people who have witnessed or experienced a haunting first hand. Also included are specific locations and directions to most sites that are open to the public so you can find out for yourself if the stories are true!

Check out our brand new photo album, where people have contributed some of the best photos of ghosts, orbs or whatever strange thing they capture on film! Take a look at SNE Paranormal's photos of our most recent investigations!

Also check out the ghost hunters page, a great source for locating an established group in your area to explore the unknown. There's safety (and more witnesses) in numbers!

If you have an experience, photo or haunted site that you would like to share, please fill out our form on the contact us page or email us directly at Be sure to include detailed directions if possible so that others may visit the haunted location. We will add your information (and credit it with your name if you want) as soon as possible!

SNE Paranormal Group is planning one or two more group hunts for the summer/fall 2008! Click here to learn more about our group and how to join! No experience necessary!


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