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Here are a few stories from various books, websites and people about hauntings in New Hampshire. Please check back often as we will be adding more stories that we come across as well as stories that people submit to the site!



Hampton Beach Island Path ghost
Hart's Location The Notchland Inn
Henniker Ocean-Born Mary House
Hollis Blood Cemetary
Nashua Country Tavern



Hampton Beach

Accused of witchcraft in 1656 (the only woman accused of witchcraft in New Hampshire), the elderly Eunice "Goody" Cole of Island Path (road) in Hampton was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. After three years, her husband petitioned the court for her release, pleading that he had turned his property over to her and that he could not care for himself. Her husband finally died and she was released, as a ward of the Town, sometime prior to 1671. That year, she was accused of witchcraft again, but was judged not legally guilty, although it was said that there were grounds for “vehement suspicion of her having familiarity with the devil.” Elderly and ill, she returned to Hampton, where she lived out her years scorned, persecuted, hated, and feared. According to legend, she died about 1680 and was buried by a vengeful mob with a stick, topped with a horseshoe, driven through her heart; another legend says the body later was removed secretly by kindhearted residents and properly buried near today’s Meeting House Green.
On August 25th, 1938, the selectmen of the town of Hampton declared 'Eunice "Goody" Cole Day.' All documents and items pertaining to Goody's case were burned due to the belief that she was unjustly accused of witchcraft, and her citizenship in Hampton was restored to her name.

Still today all along Island Path, where Goody lived, there are reports of figures appearing in the fog, lights flickering, and objects moving by themselves.
Thanks to the Lane Memorial Library website with info from 'Hampton: A Century of Town and Beach, 1888-1988'

Directions: Island Path is located off of route 1A in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, which is in Rockingham County. From route 1A, take Highland Ave (north of A Street) and then take a left onto Brown Street. Island Path intersects with Brown Street. county map

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Hart's Location

Oddly enough, there is a tombstone in the front parlor of The Notchland Inn, inscribed with the words "1778. Nancy Barton. Died in a snowstorm in pursuit of her faithless lover." One border of the property is Nancy Brook, which comes from Nancy Pond, which is atop Nancy Mountain -- all named after Nancy Barton.

Nancy was betrothed, but her husband-to-be ran off with her dowry. Knowing the route he usually took on trips to Portland and Boston, she followed him on foot. The gentleman often camped where the inn now stands. Nancy found that he had made a stop here but had already moved on. Nancy may have been tired and slept for awhile or for some other reason got caught in a snowstorm at this spot. Friends found her frozen body lying next to the brook that now carries her name.

According to guests and employees, there seems to be a presence in some of the guest rooms, and there have been several strange occurences. An inkeeper says that one couple took a nap in mid-afternoon, and when they awoke the name "Abigail" was written in the steam on the mirror in their bathroom. But no one had taken a shower or bath in that room for several hours. The inkeeper also tells about another guest, the husband of a couple who have stayed there several times, woke up after an afternoon nap and noticed that someone had brought fresh flowers into the room while he was napping. He went into the bathroom, and someone had written "Happy Anniversary" on the mirror in lipstick. He went back into the bedroom, but the flowers were gone. He turned back into the bathroom, and the writing on the mirror had disappeared.

Directions: The Notchland Inn, nestled within the White Mountain National Forest in Carroll County, is located on Route 302 in Harts Location, NH. You can visit their website at or call them at 800-866-6131. county map

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The ghost of a woman born on an Irish immigrant ship in 1720 still haunts the Ocean-Born Mary House, where she lived her final years. Captain Don Pedro, a notorious pirate had captured the sailing ship "Wolf" in the waters off of Massachusetts. When he saw a red-haired baby born on that same day on the ship to the ship's captain, he promised to spare the ship and passengers if the child were named after his mother. This is how Ocean-Born Mary got her name, Mary Wallace. She grew up, was happily married and had four children. Sadly, Mary was widowed at an early age and life was difficult. Years later, Captain Pedro retired to a large mansion on a hill overlooking Henniker. The captain set out to search for and found Mary, and when he found her, he proposed marriage to her. They married and Mary and her children lived happily with him for several years together in the mansion on the hill. Then one day she found the bludgeoned body of her husband, Captain Pedro, in the garden. Someone murdered him, perhaps over treasure. She laid her husband's body to rest under a huge hearthstone in the kitchen. Mary died in 1814 at age 94. The deserted mansion fell into ruins. Since then, the apparition of a tall, red-haired woman with glowing green eyes has appeared in the upstairs window and on the central staircase. Some reported seeing Mary's apparition in the yard, throwing something down the well. Later, the house was renovated and the new owners moved in. Many occupants reported feeling Mary's presence. Her ghost was once seen helping family members repair a garage during a fierce storm, and several subsequent owners believe her presence protects the house from harm. Recently, two New Hampshire State Troopers reported seeing the ghost of a tall, red-haired woman wearing colonial clothing crossing the road just below the old mansion.
Update: Okay, some sad news to burst your bubble... this story, however intriguing and even though there have been several witnesses to attest to the fact that this house is haunted, is not entirely accurate. Take a look at the "Truth about Ocean Born Mary" article from the Seacoast NH website, and also check out the Ocean Born Mary article direct from the Town of Henniker, NH website for the real facts behind Ocean Born Mary. She did exist, but, well... read away and decide for yourself!

Directions: Henniker is in southwest New Hampshire, in Merrimack County, on Highway 114. Mary's wood frame, two-story house is now a private residence, so PLEASE do not set foot on the property without permission! Mary Wallace is buried in Centre Cemetary behind the town hall in Henniker. county map

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Blood Cemetary is the nickname for the Pine Hill Cemetary in Hollis. The cemetary gets its nickname after the ghost who haunts it, Abel Blood, who was buried in this cemetary in 1867 next to his wife, Betsy. There is a hand carved into the headstone that points upward towards heaven with its index finger, and people say that the stone changes at night and the hand and finger point downward. Strange tapping sounds also have appeared on sound recordings near the grave. See the photos page to take a look at the gravestone. Also check out our exchange partner at for more excellent pictures and EVPs!

Directions: Pine Hill Cemetary is located in eastern Hollis in Hillsborough County, on Pine Hill Road near the eastern boundary with Nashua. From the south, take Route 3 north to exit 6 and merge onto 130 east. Blue Hill Avenue is off of 130, which becomes Pine Hill Road. county map

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The ghost of Elizabeth Ford haunts the Country Tavern in Nashua, which dates back to 1741. She was murdered by her sea captain husband, who returned after 10 months at sea to find his wife had just given birth. The enraged man is said to have buried the bodies of Elizabeth and her illegitimate child not far fron the house. Elizabeth's playful ghost has been known to help out with housecleaning and move small objects such as glasses and plates. She also likes to lift the hair of the women in the ladies room and hide their personal possessions. Elizabeth's ghost has been seen in the upstairs dining room and staring out a window in a part of the building that used to be a barn. She is about five feet six inches tall with long, white hair and wears a flowing, white gown.

Directions: Nashua is northwest of Boston in Hillsboro County on Route 3. It is located at 452 Amherst Street in Nashua. The phone number is 603-889-5871. county map

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