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Hartford Haunted Railroad Bridge
Norwich Norwich Inn
Stowe Brass Lantern Inn
Stowe Emily's Bridge
Waterbury Old Stagecoach Inn
Wilmington The White House




In 1887, Hartford was the scene of a tragic railroad disaster when the Montreal Express jumped the tracks and fell over the bridge. The railroad and cars burned, killing over 30 people. THe stories differ in regards to a 13 year old boy named Joe McCabe and his father - in one story, the boy watched his father die, and in another they both died. Here is an actual picture of the wreck that dates back to 1887, and a picture of the bridge rebuilt later that year from a post card. The old wooden bridge was replaced with a steel structure on the original concrete footings.

Since then, there have been several sightings of the ghost of the Joe McCabe playing in the river. Many people have even reported smelling fire in the area of the bridge.

According to Stephen Marshall, a physicist-turned-ghost hunter who explored the site, boy has been seen several times, always dressed in 19th century clothes, standing about four feet above the water. He says the emotional distress of seeing his father die while he watched, helpless, brought his spirit to this spot when the boy died. "People often see the boy and don't realize he is a ghost."
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Directions: The Railroad Bridge is located in Hartford, VT, which is in Windsor County. The bridge spans the White River and Route 14 in West Hartford. county map

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The Norwich Inn, built in 1797, was purchased by Charles and Mary "Ma" Walker in 1920. According to legend, Ma Walker maintained the Inn's tradition as a tavern during the prohibition by selling bootleg liquor from the basement. After she died at the Inn, her spirit has been reported to walk the upper floors, and is often seen in the dining room wearing a black formal gown.

Directions: The Norwich Inn, located in Windsor County, now offers lodging, dining and a brewery. To get there, take I-91 to exit 13 for Norwich - the address is 325 Main Street. For reservations, call 802-649-1143 and you can visit their website at county map

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The Brass Lantern Inn, known to be a romantic Bed and Breakfast in Stowe, is noted for its noisy ghosts. Guests often report that they hear large groups of people in another room when that room is actually empty.

The inkeeper gave an example of a guest who asked about the "people who came in late last night talking loud enough so I could hear their words? And where did they go to a party?" And another guest reported that he"heard the people across the hall from me last night talking and laughing and speaking about how happy they were." In each of these and all instances, it's in reference to the same room, always late at night, and with similar descriptions as to what they heard the other guests saying. But note -- there were no guests across the hall.

Directions: The Brass Lantern Inn is located at 717 Maple Street in Stowe, which is in Lamoille County. The Inn's website is and they can be reached at 800-729-2980. county map

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This bridge in Stowe, dubbed Emily's Bridge, was built in 1844 and named after the ghost who haunts it. A woman named Emily Smith died here, but how she died is the subject of several different stories: some say she was trampled by a team of horses; others say she jumped off the bridge or hanged herself from a roof beam. The most credible and accepted story is that she died in an accident after being rejected at the altar by her fiance - she rode after him in a buggy that overturned on the bridge. Although no one knows conclusively how she died, there is no doubt about her ghost. People report that she makes herself known by appearing as a flickering white light while others state that she shows herself as a mysterious breeze that leaves people feeling absolutely stunned and mesmerized.

Directions: Stowe is located in north central Vermont, 60 miles east of Burlington in Lamoille County. Take I-84 to Colbyville and go north for 26 miles on highway 100. The bridge spans Gold Brooke on Gold Brooke Road a few miles outside of town. Gold Brook Road loops off highway 100, north of town. county map

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The ghost of Margaret Spencer haunts the Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury, VT. Margaret was a wealthy socialite who died at age 98 haunts her old bedroom, now room 2. There have been several reports of seeing her apparition in the room since her death in 1947.

Directions: Waterbury is in north central Vermont, twelve miles northwest of Montpelier on US Highway 2, in Washington County. The phone number is 802-244-5056. county map

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The White House of Wilmington was built in 1915 as a private summer home for lumber baron Martin Brown, and it is reported that the house is haunted by his spirit. Both guests and staff have reported disembodied footsteps, unexplainable cold spots, doors that open by themselves, and even visible apparitions.

In 1999, the inn began hosting a "Haunting" on Halloween weekend, complete with a ghost hunt and seance provided by Haunted Vermont, a local company specializing in historically based realistic ghost events. The Haunting of the White House includes a mini-discussion on spiritualism, afterlife theory, house history, and ghost-hunting techniques; then the "Ghost Hosts" take patrons around the inn to look for ghosts themselves. This is followed by a seance rich with special effects. The evening culminates with a real Victorian-era seance held in the inn's parlor.

Directions: The Inn, located in Windham County. Take I-91 North to exit 2 in Brattleboro, then take a right on Vermont Route 9 West and proceed 18 miles. You can visit the Inn's website at or contact them toll free at 800-541-2135. county map

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